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Its lyrics, sound and imagery aim to assault andunnerve. Right off the bat, their pedigree gives them an advantage. The first half of the album bears the typical later death in june neofolk sound, whereas the second half of the album has a much more chaotic, experimental sound to it. With the addition of brian izzi of trap them fame, apmd continue to build around a style of hardcore punk that is growing stale. It helps that the band featuring members of bloodhorse, the hope conspiracy, converge, and the new addition of. Characterising people as pigs immediately refers us back to the beatles song piggies on the white album. Listen to the new track below, via invisible oranges. Weve heard a few tracks from it already a caustic vision, blood wet teeth, and the title track and today you can hear the. Members of converge and bloodhorse come together in a hardcoreinfused quartet. God is war man is born, along with war ultimate master, of the ultimate trade the will of one, against another bound and forced, the pigs will have blood god is war bred to select, erase from existence invention of morals, crushed by truth global order, defined by nature bound and forced, the pigs will have blood god is war 5.

The lights go out, pulse never raised, god hates man, the souls intersect, rope grips touch, burden the cross arrange it wise, my will is a. Not simply for petty shock, but to reveal humanitys true face through art and song. Bound by a shared sonic vision, apmd is comprised of some. Weve heard a few tracks from it already a caustic vision, blood wet teeth, and the title track. Hostage animal, nothing violates this nature, god is war, singles. The outfitwho themselves feature members of converge and the hope conspiracytracked the effort at godcity studio with converges kurt ballou once again behind the boards. While everything they have recorded is essential, fuck the universe is a masterpiece. Kevin baker the hope conspiracy is the throat and ben koller converge is the battery.

Incredibly nasty, sinister riffs meet impeccable songwriting. Albums include nothing violates this nature, god is war, and hostage animal. Kevin baker vocals brian izzi guitar ben koller drums adam wentworth guitar matt woods bass. The band is a supergroup of sorts, features members from tons of noteworthy bands, including the hope conspiracy, converge, bloodhorse, and acid tiger. The band return with hostage animal october 27, southern lord and an expanded lineup, thanks to the addition of trap thems brian izzi. Narrows absolute betrayer mp3 photos by stephanie crumley, additional ssos photos by suren karapetyan. Hostage animal is another helping of the crustinspired, hm2drenched metallic hardcore that the band is known for. Sure, the racket caused by their gnarly brand of hardcore, grind, and death metal can split concrete, but the bands titles their first record is called god is war and contains songs titles like death dealer and extinction. Apmd is a collectiveconsciousness of individuals placing all importance on the music and the releases while rejecting any and all. Theyre never dull and the recurring ideas and hooks are consistently strong. Man evolves and spreads like a cancer, peace is terminal, effect is nothing what is progress when outcomes fail.

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