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Check out our storfolios as well, perfect for transporting your comics to conventions or shelving them on a bookcase. Over a decade later, comicbookbin has 29375 articles written by a dedicated team of writers. Dont stick paper inside your comic book because more than likely the paper has got acid in it and its going to yellow your pages faster. Bookstore, game shop, clothing boutique, antique store, and toyshop all in one, with a dash of candystore and video outlet thrown in to mix it up. Bcw short comic book storage box bin plastic heavy duty stackable by bcw new. The bcw comic book storage box bin is sturdy and easy to assemble too and i love the stability that comes from the builtin stacking feature. Forty plus years of comic book collecting left me with a room full of long boxesunmovable and unmanageable. Ikea comic book storage solutions 2020 catalog edition. Product title 5 long comic storage box holds 200 225 comic b. We dont recommend you use plastic bins to stack your comics in, same problem with boxes, you are going to damage the comics. Samla is a hard plastic storage box that can be easily stacked. Classroom books library bins168 bins by scholastic. Short comic book box heavy duty short comic book bin.

They are constructed of corrugated plastic and have a 250 lb. The drawer opens from the long side of the cabinet instead of from the end. Hey guys, i have a question about storing comic books in plastic storage containers. Why dont you grow a pair of balls, and tell your wife that your comics will go upstairs. Browse through a wide range of storage containers in different styles, materials, capacities, and usage to suit your needs. Plastic is about retired serial killer edwyn stoffgruppen who has been trying to avoid trouble while on honeymoon with his love virginia.

I can buy some plastic bins to put them inside of until the bad weather has passed. I read the same sport billy stories over and over again, and as i grew up and started reading books without drawings, i still found joy in discovering other comics, like the witty calvin. It costs a bit more than a bag and board, but prevents the book from damage or creasing if it is dropped and keeps the pages from bending. The plastic cat litter containers were piling up here and i hated to just throw them out. The bright colors of the comic books will still stand out and your sales will only grow. Will virginias captors finally cut their losses and return her to edwyn, or will there be more death by plastic. Though they will never really be good for single issue comic book storage, there are ways to adapt bookcases for trade paperbacks those are those handy collections of 610 issues in one volume, graphic novels, and huge compendiums. Bcw has a wide range of short and long comic book storage boxes and bins. As you do, gently press the comic closed to prevent the bottoms of the pages from scratching the edges of the bags opening.

We also stock comic dividers to keep your collection organized and storfolio boxes to safely store a few books at a time. A wide variety of plastic bin options are available to you, such as metal type, plastic type, and feature. Long comic boxes 10bcw directlong comic book cardboard storage boxthe bcw long comic storage box is the highest quality, most competitively priced cardboard storage box on the markettoday. They are heavy duty, made from acidfree plastic and hold up to 150 bagged and boarded books. Bcw comic book short bin storage box corrugated plastic.

Im going to share this with some of my friends and some of the comic book forums i visit because storage is always a topic of conversation. Beginning in 1948 with the implementation of the newly developed screw injection molding. These boxes come in various sizes, but the one that seems to be the best size for comics is the 11inch high6gallon variety. This is for the serious comic book collector who wants to protect their collection safely and long term. The bcw short comic bin is a heavy duty comic box made from acidfree, reinforced, snaptogether plastic panels. Use our comic storage boxes in conjunction with our comic book backing boards and comic book bags for all of your current age, silver age and golden age comics. Our comic bundle boxes are made of standard nonarchival materials as well as archival quality materials. Long or short comic book storage boxes and box dividers.

Look through tote storage boxes and storage bins for larger items. Expanding its coverage in action figures, movies, games and more, it also offers three mobile apps. They come assorted among orange, purple, blue, and pink and are also great for resale at bookstores, gift shops, and. Once the entire comic is safely in the bag, slide a backing board in behind it. With a little effort you will no longer have piles upon piles of comics all over the house allowing for free space for other important things like more comics. The bcw graded comic book bin is a heavy duty comic box made from acidfree, reinforced, snaptogether plastic panels. Plastic is a 5issue creatorowned horror american comic book limited series written by doug wagner, illustrated by daniel hillyard, and colored by laura martin. Bcw storage boxes fit current or silver age comic books. City cubes wallhugging cabinets for tight spaces city cubes are like standard comic cubes turned sideways. Rays comic book storage cabinet the wood whisperer. Get a few book shelves and have them available for.

A wide variety of comic book display rack options are available to you, such as paper, metal, and acrylic. Find the right products at the right price every time. Check out our selection below to see the comic bag products we currently. Polypropylene and polyethylene run cheaper than mylar, but typically must be replaced every 3 to 5 years, along with the backing board, so. Target offers a wide range of storage bins and storage boxes. Each grade 46 custom bin package includes 168 bins. These bins are a solid alternative to cardboard short boxes. Find containers in an array of materials like canvas, paper, plastic, wood and more. Plastic or waterproof comic storage boxes general comic. It informs hardcore and casual comic book fans and collectors.

Theres a good chance that someone on the boards knows where to get them, and can point you in the right direction. Our comic book bags are also made with our crystal clear technology, so these are the clearest bags available today. They are constructed of white corrugated paper and have a 200 lbs. The american company image comics published plastic on a monthly basis with the. I was looking at the ziploc weathershield 16 qt storage box. Give your comic a stiff, durable support to help keep its shape when. You are literally baking the books in all kinds of chemicals that the pvc bags offgas, as well as the acid migration that occurs due to the lignin content in the cheap.

Best plastic storage containers for comics best plastic storage containers for comics. If your home is susceptible to either you may consider plastic bins and an alternative, but your comics wont fit as well and may end up rolled or warped is some way over time. Bcw supplies current size comic boards white bbcur 100 boards 4. Comic bags wholesale comic book sleeves to protect comic books.

Use this box to store and protect all your valuable, collectible comics. The graded bin stores about 30 slabbed comics, including certified guaranty. When shopping for a bookshelf to store your comic book collection, there are two main things to look for. Identification slots on the ends help you mark your boxes with either an index card or a. The comic bin holds about 150 bagged and boarded comics and includes a movable partition that helps stand up your growing stack of comic books. I have cut a bunch of them up and they make great organizers. You can safely stack them up to six high and each bin comes with one snapinplace comic bin partition. Comic book bags are made of any of several kinds of plastic. The long comic file cabinet box holds one long comic box and stacks 3 high comic boxes are sold separately. How to store a comic book collection like a superhero.

I know that keeping them in a cool, dark, place with low humidity is ideal. Rays comic book storage cabinet viewer project added on april 18, 2011. Affordable comic book storage ideas for your home carina pereira jun 27, 2018 i was given my first comic book when i was about eight or nine years old. These book bins are great for keeping your favorite reading materials neat and in order in waiting rooms, schools, libraries, and at home. Plastic or waterproof comic storage boxes general comic discussion. Short and long comic book storage boxes made of corrugated cardboard or plastic make an excellent way to neatly store your bagged and boarded comic books. Dont frame your valuable books and hang them on the wall. I was mulling over using the comic book boards to roll my fabric on and then stacking them on end in the litter containers with the tops cut off. If your heart is set on plastic boxes, i have seen comic boxes made of plastic, but for the life of me, i cant remember who made or makes them. Bcw short comic book storage box plastic corrugated materials white or black comic book collecting supplies, black 3.

You can even get a comic book box with awesome graphics, including some of your favorite licensed characters. Pvc plastic bags and standard cheap cardboard for the boxes and backing boards kill comic books, particularly the old comic books with the inexpensive newsprint quality pages. Get the best deals on collectible comics storage boxes when you shop the largest online selection at. Have it your way with scholastics new leveled bookrooms that now provide customizable options including these attractive and practical storage bins that help you keep your bookroom organized.

Bcw plastic short comic bin black for sale online ebay. Bcw offers a variety of cardboard and plastic comic storage boxes. Edwyn takes a hostage of his own, changing all the rules of this bloodcurdling catandmouse game. It is literally an investment in your comic book investment.

Finding affordable comic book store fixtures that dont break the bank, can handle the content, and can adjust to rapid changes in merchandise can be challenging at best and close to impossible at worst. Fabric storage and organization the seasoned homemaker. Im keeping them in my closet but the room is not air conditioned 247. Premium comic bags archival stiffeners crystal clear bags. The bcw short comic bin is a heavy duty comic box made from acidfree, reinforced, snaptogether panels. Comic cubes classic series are made of furnituregrade plywood with real wood veneers and are available in cherry, oak, or maple. It can also be propped up for display like a picture frame. Use this box to store and protect all your valuable collectible comics. Short white plastic the bcw storage box is the highest quality, most competitively priced corrugated plastic storage box on the market today. These comic book storage solutions aim to help store your collection in a manner that will be kept in great condition, while consuming less space.

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