Thugnificent cooking crack in a microwave

I have about 50 microwave ovens in my lab and in the 40 years ive have been wo. Ok to use or is it leaking out stalker level radiation into my house. If the microwave source reaches a specified temperature, it will shut down. The general cooking times for fresh and frozen peas are as follows. One can mix cocaine and baking soda in a 2 or 3 to one ratio along with just enough water to dissolve them and put it in the microwave until just after it boils then swirl the container around as it cools to render some okay product. Mainly i open this message in the forum, because i want to cook crack cocaine use in the microwave.

Apr 02, 20 cooking squid in the microwave provides greater challenges since the microwave heats the meat from the insideout, possibly leading to bursts from the capillaries of the animal. Or try my ritz cracker cookies, an even easier cookie to make, especially if you like peanut butter. I will either live the rest of my life as a man who tried microwave roast, or a happy, welladjusted person with an undamaged digestive tract. Make a batch of christmas crack with graham crackers, and you just may convert all your smores loving friends. Jan 29, 2010 is a crack in the microwave door unsafe. To make scrambled eggs in a microwave, start by coating a microwave safe bowl with cooking spray or butter. Using frozen veg also makes this a budget meal without sacrificing any of the taste or flavour of a more traditional recipe. Indian food recipes, indian food recepies, indian cooking.

Crack and freebase i dont think are technically the same thing. Sep 18, 2010 i just tried to microwave a veggieburger, and the instructions say to microwave it for 1 minute before flipping it over, and microwaving it an additional minute. After that food network took off and i definitely ate up emeril, alton brown, mario batali and others. If i could thank people, id have to thank just a whole host of chefs who have had cooking shows that i have devoured relentlessly for decades. When a metal utensil, bowl or wrapper is put in the microwave, it can cause cracks in the bottom of the microwave oven. Why would a microwave safe plate crack in the microwave. Although slow cooking is very safe, a few things can cause a ceramic or stoneware crock to crack. Jan 10, 2016 wife discovered a crack on back of the microwave. Then he breaks him down by making fun of him because he told him rapper to. Next time i pick up a gram of coke, how hard would it be for me to throw. Jan 23, 2018 ift you mean the glass turntable in the microwave oven, beside the comments concerning chips and cracks etc. The first few times that i was unsuccessful, i have come to the conclusion its because the coke i used was all cut. Take a mini microwave safe bowl sprayed or coated with a bit of oil or butter if you have it, crack an egg or two, add in some salsa, frozen chopped veggies, black beans, andor diced meat, give it a whisk with a fork, and microwave for a minute.

To poach an egg in the microwave, add 12 cup of water to a microwave safe mug and then crack the egg into the mug. Tek making crack cocaine with baking soda in the microwave. Add about baking soda and spread it as the best peanut brittle. Hey guy, you dont wanna make crack with baking soda. The boondocks soundtrack show you how to cook crack. Baking soda is a joke, you need washing soda or even a stronger base like caoh to have the majority of the coke to turn freebase. So make sure that there is no metal scrap and your heating dish is microwave safe before you start cooking food in your microwave. In this clip from cocaine cowboys 2, charles breaks down how he converted kilos into crack rock in his kitchen. Its quick and simple to cook eggs in the microwave. Analysisfeminine women can cook analysishis dark materials. Ensure that the egg is fully submerged in water and, if it isnt, add another 14 cup of water. Just mix the coke and baking soda and cook for like a minute or whatever. Feeling stupid for having microwaved a new dish which i presumed was non microwave safe, i looked at the bottom of my roommates dishes, and they are clearly. Crack maker, baby doh, shows how he turns regular cocaine into crack.

A man was arrested for making crack cocaine in his microwave. After a few failed attempts at cooking crack, i finally. Jan 27, 2012 i have a microwave and the outside of the door is cracked. Once the bowl is coated, crack 2 eggs into it and whisk in 1 tablespoon of milk.

The freebase will stick to the glass so dont touch the sides. However, for every pro, theres a con, and microwave cooking is no exception. People do it that way because it adds a lot of weight vs cooking it in water to form pure freebase cocaine. I have a microwave and the outside of the door is cracked. This is done to protect the microwave itself, preventing overheating that can lead to mechanical or electrical failure. I think either works but the later method is more dangerous. If it were just me, id probably just suck it up and continue airing the apartment, no worries. Microwave recipes 2 about the author i am vaishali parekh, a resident of kolkata, india and a graduate nutritionist. I used only a microwave to cook for a week, and this is what. Microwave method sucks unless your doin the 10sec ammonia tech. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Because sometimes you cant wait for the stove to heat up. Now, since i posted how to make meth a little over a year ago, the comments have come flooding in.

Damaged wave guide cover there is a cover called wave guide cover over the magnetron which conveys or guides the heat waves to the central area where food is kept. Plates will crack in microwave if they are of certain material. So heres my question, what do meth and crack smell like when its cooking and what do they smell like when theyre being smoked. A celeb wishing to appear thugnificent would certainly prefer a convict to a seal. In this easy recipe, brussels sprouts are cooked in just 4 minutes in a microwave thats it. Ive smoked on and off for years now, so im not new to crack, just never been a cook. I found the first week or two to be the hardest not because we reheat or cook things in it regularly, but because i wanted to defrost things from the freezer quickly containers of cooked beans, halfused jars of pasta sauce, or frozen veggies like peas and corn. You would end up with a small amount of crack and the majority of coke still dissolved. Why did my glass turntable in my microwave crack during use. Nov 26, 2010 here one of our friends demonstrates the process of recooking crack cocaine. Add any salt and pepper youd like, then beat the egg mixture.

When you microwave eggs, you basically crack them open into a microwave safe dish and put the dish in the microwave for a minute, give or take. Search, watch, and cook every single tasty recipe and video ever all in one place. Place it in the microwave and cook it on the highest power setting for 35 seconds. You need the metal panel to be continuous without cracks in order to prevent significant leakage of microwaves through the. The great thing about making a risotto in the microwave is that you cut out any pesky stirring that might normally keep you stuck in the kitchen. What does methcrack smell like when its cooking and when it. Cocaine ive smoked on and off for years now, so im not new to crack, just never been a cook. The manufacture of crack cocaine requires that one already possess cocaine. Then suddenly it happened and ive never got it wrong since. The easiest way to cook crack easy i swear to god youll. Cracked wheat and barley bread, cracked wheat salad, cracked wheat payasam godhumai payasam, etc. These quick tricks for microwave eggs will be your busy morning savior. In this clip from cocaine cowboys charles cosby was a small time crack dealer in oakland, california, until griselda blanco, the godmother, changed his life forever.

If in the microwave, it is best cooking with soda, please explain to me how it would be the process. The first cooking show i ever remember watching as a kid was the frugal gourmet jeff smith on pbs. I made a 30minute pot roast in a microwave and it wasnt. But there the recipe is, and i realize im standing at one of lifes great crossroads. An oven in which food is cooked, warmed, or thawed by the heat produced as microwaves cause water molecules in the foodstuff to vibrate.

Buttery ritz crackers take christmas crack up a notch or two. Steam cooking some crack nat geo video national geographic. My passion for health and nutrition and a natural love for cooking drove me to come up with the website dian cooking. Once all the water has evaporated scrape what ever you have into a pile. After a few failed attempts at cooking crack, i finally had some success last night, but i could use a few pointers. Well teach you how to cook an egg in the microwave its even faster than your stove top.

Charles cosby was a small time crack dealer in oakland, california, until griselda blanco, the godmother, changed his life forever. Some of the comments have been positive regarding survivors or their family members. Cooking crack cocaine with a 8ball microwave, how to. How to cook bulgar wheat in the microwave by zora hughes made from whole wheat berries, bulgur wheat is a precooked, dried wheat that cooks a lot faster than traditional wheat, making it ideal for moms looking for a nutritious whole grain to get on the dinner table fast.

Cooking cocaine in lima the new king of coke part 3. Tvfilthyfrank is featured by box for tvfilthyfranl sorted by sb score. Keep a watchful eye on squid cooking in the microwave, using short time periods and checking the flesh frequently for proper consistency. Because its production doesnt require the use of flammable solvents, it is safer to make than freebase cocaine. After a few failed attempts at cooking crack, i finally had.

However its much, much better to dissolve the cocaine in water, again just enough to dissolve it completely, microwave it til it reaches a good boil, then add the soda til it stops reacting. So, is it just a crack in the coating with solid metal behind that. Cover the dish with a piece of plastic wrap to trap steam so the egg cooks evenly on the top and bottom. The boondocks thugnificent sellin crack uncensoredhd. When its done it should be one solid chunk, throw it on the counter and it will bounce. Cooking crack in a spoon not exactly opiates related, but my question requires the help of some spoon chefs.

Thugnificents first night out selling crack is a disaster, with one sale having to. Steaming brussels sprouts with an awkward pot of boiling water will be a. Any of these and i can see an enhanced car boostercrack dealer. Manufacturing crack cocaine how crack cocaine works. It is possible when the plates cracked it put a hairline fracture in the turntable so when the heat from the bag of popcorn hit it hardest it cracked. Otis jenkins better known by his stage name thugnificent is a oncefamous rapper, an obvious parody of ludacris, thugnificent hails from the town of terrabelle, georgia, one of the poorest and toughest towns in the country. Crack cocaine is an easiertomanufacture form of freebase cocaine the only difference between cocaine and crack is that the latter has its hydrochloride removed, increasing the melting point and making the drug smokable. Instead of making him an object of unbridled admiration, like eragon, may he. When its done cooking, remove the paper towel and inspect the egg. Microwave cooking synonyms, microwave cooking pronunciation, microwave cooking translation, english dictionary definition of microwave cooking. Just when i thought it was safe to resume cooking in my slow cooker, i heard thisa colleagues mom was cooking dinner when her crockpot cracked. Put said pile of coke crack into a ladelmetal bowl. Following his rise to fame, thugnificent moves into woodcrest along.

Ways to cook crack cocaine is one of the most searched for terms on the internet. Uk rap producer the purist has dropped a helpful guide to. Some ceramic dishes may inadvertently contain metal or other material that is not conducive to microwave cooking. Apr 16, 2018 automatic shutoff controls turn off the microwave s heating element when the temperature of the microwave source gets too high. I dont know who raps it i claim no onwership on any of these works audio or visual. When you try cooking brussels sprouts in the microwave, you will never steam them any other way. Hardboiling an egg in the microwave is possible, but you have to take precautions to avoid an explosion. I dont know who raps it i claim no onwership on any of. Drip some water in and stir till it can dissolve in water just use enough to be. Ift you mean the glass turntable in the microwave oven, beside the comments concerning chips and cracks etc.

After receiving the microwave i have got that constant questions. Okay, hands up, wheres everyone getting their failsafe instructions for cooking crack these days. With this easy new way of cooking brussels sprouts, chances are youll get to eat them more often since they are so easy to make. May 02, 2019 this will generally take between 2 and 5 minutes. How to make crack in a microwave buzzfeed web results with recipes to make crack cocaine. Cooking in the microwave is typically what we call a dry cook or bouncing it. Hey all, the general discussion forum is temporarily closed. Anyways, 7 parts cocaine, 1 part water, heat till bubbles, stir always used a penny. Apr 10, 2009 man busted for making crack cocaine with a microwave.

Table spoon and teaspoon, put water in the teaspoon half full ad 1g good powder cocaine to the table spoon then 14 of a gram of backing soda or bicarbonate of soda. Keep in mind that each microwave is a little different, and that some microwaves cook much faster than others. The molecule doesnt fully dissociate in water because its not a strong base so inevitably you wind up smoking baking soda what you want to do is use sodium hydroxide, aka lye, and stir a glass stir rod in aquous soln. My family is now sort of accidentally living without a microwave ours busted and weve been too cheap to replace it. John the crack entrepreneur explains his moneymaking methods. When a crack forms in the interior or exterior, the hearty small appliance may be able to still be safely used. The microwave is a handy and heavilyused kitchen appliance. How to cook brussels sprouts in the microwave melanie cooks. Man busted for making crack cocaine with a microwave. It might be a good idea to check your peas after 1 minute of cooking. After answering this article, i did some research on microwaving killing vitamins and nutrients in food i very quickly learned that this is a touchy subject, even among nutritionists, and nobody at least, nobody i saw seems to have a this is the science behind it and here is a definite answer answer. Im no chemist, so somebody tell me how doing chemistry like making crack cocaine works when using a microwave oven. I would tip the whole lot in a glass dish put it in the oven on low and be patient.

However its much, much better to dissolve the cocaine in water, again just enough to. Pierce the center of the yolk with the very tip of a toothpick to break the surface tension and prevent an explosion in the microwave. If the white is still liquid, put it back in the microwave and cook for an additional 10 or 15 seconds. Boosie on selling crack at 14, making more money in drugs than music til 05 duration. It is often taken for granted for all that it does. I need to know so that next time i call the cops, its with reason. Is it safe to use if the inside of the door is not answered by a verified appliance technician we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The purpose of recooking is to remove impurities and adulterants cut from the retail crack and thereby make it more potent, with a higher concentration of cocaine. You can microwave eggs in the shell as long as you cover them with water and add a little salt. Ive spent a fortune buying and wasting cocaine trying to make crack.

Ge has instructed us to contact a repair tech, but i imagine the service call alone would be more expensive than getting a new microwave. Cooking crack cocaine with a 8ball microwave how to microwave rerock cocaine april 6. The first few times that i was unsuccessful, i have come. A microwave needs a turning table so that the waves reach all sections of the food. Its important to know when a crack is serious and needs repair. Its a roast the preparation method is right there in the name.

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